Capital of the Republic of Peru, called the “City of Kings”, Lima still exhibits the greatness of its history, which is mixed with an important and current industrial, economic, tourist and cultural development. Today the city is epicenter of the most important events in the Andean region and, of course, it is cradle of growth and global recognition of Peruvian cuisine. A calendar of cultural events is another invitation to visit. Exhibitions, meetings and museums suggest that there is always something more to know. Currently Lima is also the political and economic center of Peru, with a dynamic that is leading the way in the region.


Temperature ranges between 17 – 19°C


154 meters above sea level.


Lima is located in the central coast of the country, by the Pacific Ocean. 12°02′35″S 77°01′42″W


Jorge Chavez International Airport

How to Get There?

By air: Lima has permanent flights from most major cities worldwide as well as domestic flights to all regions of the country. By land: The capital is connected to all coastal cities through modern Pan-American Highway that runs parallel to the sea; its northern section leaves Lima and reaches Tumbes (border with Ecuador) 1,370km later.