The Asia City District (located just a couple of hours away from Lima, by car) is just perfect for tourism. It offers luxurious shopping centers, night clubs and nine beaches.

There are several tourist attractions in this city district, such as Lunahuaná, where activities like practicing adventure sports and enjoying delicious sea food are strongly recommended. Additionally, at Bujama lakes, one can practice water skiing.

Asia District is the location for several night clubs, thus offering spectacular night-life activities in this city district.

Now in the calmer end of the district, one can find the Mala Vineyards where several types of wine and Pisco are made; the perfect location to finish a long day of activities with the ideal level of relaxation.


The City District of Asia is located 100 Km (62.13 Miles) south of Lima and to the north of the Cañete Valley. Its altitude is only 45 m (147.64 ft) above sea level. Its present average population is 6,000 inhabitants, and during the summer season it increases to 10,000 inhabitants, distributed in an area of 277.36 Km2 (107.09 mi2). Latitude: -12.7833 and Longitude: -76.5667.

Average Climate:

17o to 24° C (62.6 to 75.2o F)


International Airport “Jorge Chávez” – 157 Km.

How to get there?

By land: From Lima, using the Panamericana Sur/Carretera 1S highway, driving distance 100 km (62.13 Miles).